‘Phony’ Scandal? Mother of Slain Border Agent Responds


In Memory of Brian Terry, U.S. Border Patrol, U.S. Marine-video
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‘Where’s the Justice for My Son?’ Slain Border Agent’s Mother                                                                                                                                                  Outraged at Obama’s “Phony” Remarks

by Fox News Insider // Jul 28 2013 // 5:35pm

While President Obama tries to convince Americans the recent

scandals facing his administration are “phony,” the victims of the 

Fast and Furious controversy still haven’t received answers.

Border Agent Brian Terry was killed with a weapon linked

to the botched gun-running operation nearly three years ago.

His mother Josephine Terry and uncle, Ralph Terry, spoke out

on Fox and Friends today.

Fast and Furious Guns STILL Being Linked to Murders

Josephine had a message for the president: “I was very outraged

when he made that comment because he knew that my son was

a victim of Fast and Furious. And if that’s not enough proof for

him, well, he can come to Michigan and I’ll take him to the cemetery.

Him and I can have a conversation about what a phony scandal is.”

She choked up when talking about being strong through her fight

for the justice her son deserves. Terry’s mother wondered,

“How come nobody’s standing accountable? I think my son deserves

[justice]. I feel like they did throw him underneath the bus too.” 

Ralph, who is president of the Brian Terry Foundation, cited an

Inspector General report which found that 14 people in the

administration did know what was going on with the Operation

Fast and Furious. “We’d like to know […] what happened to those

14 people. Are they still working for the ATF?”


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