This is a copy of a message posted by a lady who knew Brian Terry as a customer of store in which she worked.  It is a very warm tribute to a true hero.

(From Sonia) I’d like to honor this man today. This is Brian Terry (to my friends who don’t follow the news.) He came into my store everyday while he attended the academy. There are so many stories people share now about his integrity and honor. And I can tell you, he really was a good man. He was one of those guys who always had a smile on his face, said yes ma’am, and held himself with respect. No nonsense. Not trying to hit on every girl like so many other students. Everyday he would come in and get a monster energy drink so he could stay awake during classes. And every time he came in, he’d make our store manager blush just because he walked in. She was in her 60 or 70’s. It was adorable. No one has been held truly accountable for his death. It is a travesty that this honest and innocent man died. Please remember Brian Terry with me today.#operationfastandfurious #Brianterry

Photo: Today we remember Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and his sacrifice for our country.

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